Awards and accreditations

How we maintain our standards and improve in the future

We believe we run projects brilliantly but if we do come up short, we want to know, so we can improve next time. We have deployed a Customer Feedback tool which provides us with an industry recognised NPS rating (Net Promoter Score) In addition, to ensure the quality of our projects we have invested in accrediations in ISO9001 for Quality Management and ISO14001 for Environmental stewardship to underpin the way we work.

We have been awarded Gold status with Constructionline and a recognition in CHAS. We continue to look for ways to improve how and what we do as well as investing in a robust internal Quality Assurance process led by a dedicated QA Manager, Lucy Spencer.

Lucy says...

Net Promoter Score

We love feedback, honest, open and straightforward, it makes Formation better. We make it easy for our customers to tell us what they think by using our dedicated NPS (net promoter score) system ‘Customer Thermometer’. This gives us a dynamic, up to the minute gauge on how we are doing. We feed this back into our pre and post project reviews and it underpins our ISO accreditation.