Formation are delighted to welcome Aaron Hayes to our team as Head of Workplace Design. Aaron Joins Formation with more than 12 years of industry experience designing office environments, he will use his dynamic skill set, industry experience and the latest CAD techniques to provide solutions to the problems organisations face with their current workplace designs.

Paul Atkinson, MD of Customer Delivery says…. 

Aaron will bring a new dynamic to our design process, providing a host of new skills and an improved service offering to our clients. He will bring our designs to life with the use of 3D panoramic renders, placing our clients within our designs and giving them a complete interactive visual of our proposals.

Aaron said

I am really excited to be joining Formation at this time, the company has seen great growth and have big plans for the future. The company’s outlook and philosophy on workplace design fits perfectly with my own.

A different approach

Anyone can design an office, but not everyone can design an office well.

Many firms focus on improving the aesthetics of the environment rather than looking at the problems that may exist within. We take a different approach, our main focus is always the people working within the environment, they are the most important element in any business. A well designed office should not only look good, but it should be a place where your employees want to work and enjoy being there. That is critical to the development of any successful business.

The modern working environment has evolved with a new emphasis on agile and collaborative working becoming more and more important, aided by developments in technology we are more agile than ever before, creating less of a requirement for static fixed workstations within an office. More and more employees are working remotely, but this does not just involve home working, promoting flexible working within the office itself is also important – why?

  • it is good for your health – moving is a great way to prevent back problems and improve circulation, too many people stay seated at their desks for long periods of the working day.
  • it can improve productivity – as humans, we generally work better in teams, the collective power of a team should not be underestimated, most people have different skill sets, so combining them and putting our heads together can only help to find a solution to any problem.
  • it can improve communication between colleagues – talking is much better than email, so creating informal meeting and collaborative spaces where people can meet away from their desk or a formal meeting space can only promote this.

A well-designed office environment should work for the people working within it, so as part of the design process, we like to understand the requirements of the collective, as well as the individuals, including their day-to-day tasks, who they work with, how they work and how we can make the environment work best for them.

We’re looking forward to bringing these principles to life on our projects with Aaron’s designs.