It’s been a while since our last Meet The Team blog, but we’re back!  And his month it’s your chance to meet Aaron Hayes.

Aaron joined Formation In January as Head of Workplace Design, now he’s had a couple of months to settle in lets find out a little bit more about him…

How the devil are you?

I’m awesome, thanks for asking!

What’s keeping you busy?

Working on some really cool projects. A few things new to me which is one of the reasons I joined Formation… Washrooms ! Yes really. I have got really busy on all things Furniture which is home territory for me. I got some great feedback from a client that Formation was tendering for who said that we were the only company that brought their ideas to life, that was me !

What was life before Formation ?

I spent 12 years with an office furniture dealer, heading up their design team and providing sales support. Lots and lots of my time was meeting customers both existing and prospects. I was on the road a lot.

How important is Design, do people really get it?

For me, it is the most important aspect of a project. If you get it wrong, it undermines delivery and customer expectations and leads to disaster. So find a great designer and you’ll get great outcomes. I think most customers do understand the importance of design, people often think to much about their own ideas and can be too rigid with a brief, a good designer will influence and educate customers to think deeper about a solution to improve their workplace.

How has your role changed in joining Formation?

The attraction of Formation was to get a broader focus on workplace design, more than just office furniture which I have achieved in my new role. The great thing is I feel central to how we propose ideas and solutions to customers. I also feel I have been able to give Formation the opportunity to look at design earlier in a customer process, bring new ideas to how Formation can engage with customers in a way that they may not have done previously, like providing panoramic renders.

What is the future of Design?

It’s all about tech, from the initial discussion with customers, it means we can deliver ideas earlier and  be more immersive like VR. I met a firm yesterday who we will be trialling a great new piece of software which will transform the way we survey, more instant, more relevant and more impactful.

Where are you off to now?

I am designing a project in conjunction with an office furniture dealer who may become a new partner for Formation. It is a pilot project so very important to get right. We are submitting tomorrow, so must fly…..