It’s that time again, meet the Formation team. This month Stefanie Ostertag…

Stefanie recently joined Formation and brings a great range of skills to our team.

How the devil are you?

Good, very well. Thank you.

What brought you to Formation?

The job description sounded perfect and later the first interview was very promising, so here I am!

After travelling for 16 months, I wanted a role that challenged me and liked the idea of getting to know a new industry. I worked in research, administration and for global companies in the past, I hoped I could bring my knowledge and skills to Formation.

What skills got you the job?

I have an academic background and strong attention to detail, which allows me to support the project managers by picking up on details and ensuring we document all relevant information.

Having worked in Customer Service in a large financial institution, I learned to handle tight deadlines, to deal with multiple stakeholders, to adhere to compliance regulations and most importantly exceed client’s expectations at every point of contact. All these skills are highly transferable and useful in my position at Formation.

How would you describe your role?

A little bit of everything, primarily assisting the project team in the office. I help ensuring quotes are accurate and robust, deadlines are being met and nothing is forgotten, liaise with clients to make sure that our projects run smoothly. In times of growth Formation is challenged with parallel running projects, my job is to support the project managers and stay on top of everything that is happening.

Wow! That sounds busy, do you have time for anything else?

We want our quality policies to be alive rather than just certificates and accreditations on paper. Therefore, I have picked up the responsibility for operationalising our policies, integrating them into our procedures and processes, so the team can access and use them on a daily basis.

Formation has invested a lot in systems, IT and tech, how has it impacted your job?

It has been crucial, without a doubt. Having our information centralised has made a big difference and helped us work even closer as a team. It allows us to work on projects together and to support each other.

However, it is worth saying that we maintain a culture of exchange and our team meetings, regular reviews or coffee chats stay important, whether that’s face to face or, thanks to the technology, via video call. Ultimately, we at Formation need to make use of our talent and strength as a team alongside great systems, processes and IT.

The fit out and project world is evolving at pace, how do you see your role adapting?

I think my role will grow because Formation is growing. Quality and solid procedures underpin everything we do, I can imagine this taking up more of my time in the future. As we’re expanding, we need to make sure to develop in the right direction: keeping the bureaucracy factor low and strong work ethics high.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

I am moving in to a new flat this week, so I’m really busy on getting everything sorted. My partner and I are moving back to Brighton, we can’t wait to have our own little home again.