At Formation we love everything to do with office design, fit-outs and project management. Take a look at the series of blogs on our website that we hope you'll enjoy: #workplace #workspace #office #officespace #companyculture #workenvironment #fitout

For certain workers, returning to in-person work allows for maximum productivity and work-life balance. This article discusses the types of people that may benefit the most from returning to the office, but do you agree? #productivity #workproductivity

Can commuting really help improve work-life balance? Experts say the benefits are largely dependent on the type of commute, and that other routines to break up the work day could be just as effective. What are your thoughts?

Are you currently debating some office improvements? If so, we can help! At Formation we bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on. Chat about your specific requirements to one of our team today: #fitout #officefitout

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