Hybrid working will demand leaders to develop new communication skills. Employers need a thorough grasp of their employees’ experience at work to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal. Do you agree? #hybridworking #workplace

Retaining employees is fundamental when aiming to boost productivity levels in the office. Studies emphasise that "78% of employees work harder and with more drive when their efforts are being rewarded".

While 2020 dramatically upended how we traditionally worked, 2021 was more of a slow adjustment towards a "new normal". This article reflects on the past twelve months and takes a look at the top four workplace trends that defined 2021. #workplace

Workplace safety promotes the wellness of employees and employers alike. Better safety equates to better health overall. Healthier employees do tasks more efficiently, and they are happier in general. #workplace #safety #healthandsafety #workspace

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