Formation will provide you healthy challenge on minimising the environmental impact associated with our work:

We believe our ISO14001 certificate is really just the starting point that drives our wider passion on sustainability; we work in one of the least environmentally sustainable sectors BUT we take a hands-on approach. We want places to be better for us having worked there, not worse.

We provide a critical eye on all our customers, supply-chain partners and anyone we engage with to ensure they work to the same exacting standards so collectively we can all be better. We will look at reducing, re-using and recycling from furniture through to our materials.

Our environmental aims and ambitions fall into three categories; Zero Waste, Zero Carbon and a positive impact on the environment. We are externally independently audited each year specifically on these elements.

It's an old cliché but you do rise and fall on the quality of your people:

We are a services business, our value to our partners and customers is measured by our people. We achieve this by supporting their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and regular checks to avoid stress and fatigue. In addition, we protect our staff in what can be, sometimes, a dangerous environment to work in. We never play fast and loose on safety, our record on H&S supports this.

Our staff all enjoy annual training plans that develop their skills and enhance their experience of working with Formation and our customers via CITB. In time we will become an Investor in People to extend our peoples’ professional and personal expertise and develop a more diverse and inclusive workforce.