Formation’s White Label service is a different way for Main Contractors and Facilities Management firms to deliver customer Fit Out projects brilliantly.

Organisations mid-to-large share a lot of the same challenges in delivering Workplace fit-out, refurbishment and small office updates effectively. The work is important and the customer relationship is paramount but the resource demand is significant. Formation provide a proven service that means we can deliver these projects on your behalf, cost-effectively, safely and accurately.

We can price/cost projects, provide design, scheme and programme at low to zero cost, this means that your staff can focus on other things. Your reputation with your customer is as important to us as it is for you. We have a large number of references sites across the UK that can evidence how well this works by utilising our project teams, sub-contractors, fit out know-how and experience.

What is the Formation White Label Service, what it could do for your Fit Outs?

Paul describes how White Label carries out Pre-Construction in 60secs

Download our White Label Infographic here

Approved, accredited sub-contractors and partners

Industry-beating process & procedures

Easy to do business with

Near Zero Cost on Pre-Construction

Health and Safety
No. 1 Safe and well run projects

Our Brand Becomes your Brand

Our process becomes your process….

We are agnostic about our brand but not about sensible, safe and well-run programmes. We will work with you to be part or lead a bid team or simply be deployed to price and cost a project ahead of commencement. We will then manage each project using our own qualified and experienced Project and Site Management teams. By using our own methodology or adopting yours, our aim is that each and every project we do becomes a reference site not for us, for you.

Range of work

We work with organisations on small churn and refurbishment activity through to full design and build. Main Contractors will utilise us to manage their small works projects or budget fit out while they focus their resources on the larger programme work. They will be able to deliver projects more cost-effectively and retain customers across all of their project work.

Pre- Construction is all cost:



Design & Visuals

Client Meetings

Scope of Works



Project Manager

Site Manager

Project Communications

Project Meetings

Project close-out & Day 2

Our awards & accreditations